I equip women with the tools necessary to transform their lives!

Our coach:

“Life doesn’t get easier. You just learn to do hard better.”


LaTrice Davis, a former professional bodybuilder and mental health expert, is committed to guiding women in leadership towards a state of living ‘FIT’ – Fully Invested in Transformation. Her mission is to empower them to have a more profound impact on their personal and professional lives.

Having triumphed over challenges like divorce, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem, LaTrice has emerged as a catalyst for change, armed with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and expertise in the art of personal transformation. She firmly believes in the power of reshaping one’s life through the training of the mind.

LaTrice not only embodies this belief in her own life but also shares her transformative principles with others. She seamlessly blends the discipline of physical fitness with personal growth and development, catalyzing a profound shift across all aspects of life. Through her journey, she has unearthed three simple controllable factors that can fundamentally alter the course of an individual’s life.

Her mission extends beyond conventional fitness, as she often asserts, “Fitness is more than just shedding pounds and enhancing appearances; it’s primarily about rewiring your mind, with physical changes being the rewarding byproducts of hard work.”

LaTrice holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, and dual certifications in Health and Life Coaching. However, her most crucial role is that of an authentic woman, living a genuine life, and she’s dedicated to inspiring real women to craft the life they desire most.

Her favorite reminder is, “Even if you believe your life is good, remember that ‘better’ is always available.”

Speaking Topics to Support Your Audience

Mind Your Mental: How to train your mind to change your life

This presentation teaches leaders to:

  • Understand the benefits of focusing your thoughts
  • Understand the benefit of resting the mind
  • How to minimize distractions
  • Understand the power of visualization
  • The importance of trusting your instinct

The Power of Personal Transformation:

This presentation will teach leaders how to:

  • Step back – creating distance between you and the problem to gain a new perspective
  • Let Go – the ability to release old thought and belief about your life and yourself to create new ones
  • Say yes to self – Creating new beliefs about yourself and the world around so that you begin to evolve/transformation
  • Be Action Oriented – Creating steps that will help anchor your new belief system
  • Set up Accountability – Create a community of like-minded people who will hold you accountable to your goals

Transformational Leadership: Understanding Leadership through the lens of physical and mental wellness

In this presentation we will:

  • Describe the 3 things everyone
    must control to change their lives.
  • Share the connection between
    mental wellness and physical
  • Explore the connection between
    transformation and leadership.

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